The Scriptures are authoritative, necessary and sufficient for the believer. Find out what these ideas mean and why they are so important.

Does the Bible contain errors?

Perhaps you've wondered this to yourself after hearing skeptics. Or you question if God's message to us is clearly communicated with so many debates going for centuries. 

If God is true, the Bible should be true, right?

Listen as Pastor Jared unpacks the doctrines of infallibity and inerrancy.

Most Christians understand that the Bible is God's word but would be hard-pressed to explain the doctrine of inspiration. In this episode, Pastor Jared explains this important doctrine.

We continue our look at Scripture by exploring a couple of questions. First, why is it that God needed to reveal himself? Second, why does he need to reveal himself in a book?

Sola Scriptura

Ours is a time when we need to stand firmly and courageously on Scripture, but sadly it is also a time when we understand it so poorly. I hope this podcast series will help to correct these issues.

Do Not Be Anxious

Join Pastor Jared as he reflects on Matthew 6:25-34 in light of the COVID-19 situation.

In December, in a far-away land, China battled with a virus that, if you are like me, you never thought would ever come here. But it has. Thinking about what that means for us as believers has drawn me to Isaiah 6:1-7.

This podcast takes a deep dive into the book Welcome to Hope! by Arden Thiessen


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